Modified Rectangular Hangars

Nested T-Hangars
Standard T-Hangars
Modified Rect. Hangars

Hangar design is controlled by your particular needs.
Erect-A-Tube offers options such as jet pods and rectangular units as well as a complete line of individual hangars sized from single/light twin size up to multi-place units for FBOs and corporate aviation departments. And as always, our electric Bi-Fold, Door Systems and Bottom-Rolling Doors are the answer to aircraft hangar openings.

Model Number


N51-42 51'0" 44'6"x12'0" 41'6"x12'0" 33'0" 18'0"
N54-42 54'0" 44'6"x12'0" 41'6"x12'0" 33'0" 21'0"
N60-45 60'0" 47'6"x14'0" 44'6"x14'0 39'0" 21'0"
N72-60 72'0" 64'6"x18'0" 59'6"x18'0" 48'0" 21'0"

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